mcmicken dental center

is an United Way of Greater Cincinnati funded program, the Center is a state of-the-art seven chair dental center located in Cincinnati's historic Over-the-Rhine neighborhood. In 2016, McMicken Dental Center served 4,961 patients in our community.    

School Mobile Services


is a mobile dental office program, 1,567 students received care in 2016. The staff, includes a dentist, dental assistants, and a dental hygienist. The team works in a designated space in a school with a "dentist office in a briefcase".

Sealant Team


the sealant team serves schools throughout Hamilton, Warren and Butler counties in the Greater Cincinnati area. With the help of the United Way of Greater Cincinnati, the team applied sealants to the molars of over 2,300 low-income students.


Discounted Dental Services

matches people in need with dentists who are willing to discount their services.  The program serves thousands of people a year with the support of the United Way of Greater Cincinnati. DDS helped 3,144 patients receive care or help receive access to dental care.